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The world’s most compact and manoeuvrable scrubber drier that outpaces anything that currently exists. The i-mop can clean as fast as the user can walk and is able to effortlessly go where no other scrubber dryer can, even up hill. This is the first floor cleaning machine which offers the cleaning performance and speed of large ride on floor scrubbers whilst giving the flexibility of a mop. Very easy to use and requires very little staff training, the I-mop will Improve standards and productivity.

The I-mop is up to 4 times quicker than traditional mopping, In trials and tests with our customer we have proven that this is true, not only that but the standard of cleaning is greatly enhances as well.  The I-mop is so easy to use staff take to it straight away and soon find that using the I-Mop take a lot less effort, it also frees up time to concentrate on other areas that may require attention, so it’s Win Win.
The I-mop comes as a complete ready to use package and would be delivered to you by CVS in the southwest where full training would be given to your staff in the use and care of the I-mop to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase. CVS are offering a fully inclusive 3 year service package with the i-mop, which includes 2 services per year, all breakdowns and parts (except consumables ie; Brushes and Blades). We are one of the limited number of suppliers for the i mop in the UK and will happily deliver in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol and the South West.
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Keeping your valuables safe!
Our i-mop storage cupboards are the perfect space saving  solution to keep your i-mop safe and stored along with the your i-mop cleaning accessories and spare parts.
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  3. Mandy Cocks of Cornwall Vacumm Services
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